Adrian (mocharemix) wrote in the_ideal,

Rubik's Cube

They call me Adrian. Nothing more but a whisper in the wind...

Why... why should I be chosen? ::shrug:: I guess that's a verdict I leave up to the lot of you.

Personal reasons? To set a standard. I don't want to be cocky, but writing is a passion. It's more than just something I *DO*'s a gift that I embrace just as it embraces me. I don't write to live, I live to write. This is the choice I have made and this is what I choose to do. Why settle for mediocre when you can be something so much more? Why settle for the world when there's an entire universe?

In short: to entertain and to showcase a gift. But NOT fill my ego. To each their own...

Be who you want to be. I'm just a rubik's cube ... figure me out for yourself.

A writing example can be found in a short story I recently constructed on my live journal page.

As seen here in the latest entry


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