sugar.coma. (jocasta_nicole) wrote in the_ideal,

I haven't posted anything since I joined, so I figured I would post some of my own photographs that I had taken.
I would love feedback.

"Misty Woods". This picture was taken this past winter, at the end of the season. It was lovely outside. Cold, but lovely. I walked through the woods for about two hours in waist deep snow. Quiet, surreal, and crisp. It's great to be alone sometimes. I took about 55 pictures that day and only liked a few. This is one of them.

This is a picture of the inside of an abandoned house. I broke in to it :/ It was somewhat creepy. I titled this one "Ghost Story." The drawers were all open like that, as displayed in the picture. ..hence the title.

This one is titled in my gallery as "80km/hr. That is pretty much self explanatory. A lot of people don't like this picture. I guess they don't see what I see? . . I saw this on the side of a busy street and overpass. I pulled my car over and got out my camera and knelt down and took a lot of shots of this cat. It was sad. I love cats. I stop at a lot of roadkill. It tears me up. Everyone was staring at me like I was the freak. Please. Desensitized fuckheads.

This one is titled "Death." Personal and obvious reasons. It brings back painful memories. People seem to be fond of this picture. I think I captured the feeling I was going for..quite well.

That's it.

If you read all that, Thanks :)

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