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The Ideal

Where if you're not us, you're average.

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We are the select few.
Brilliance, Beauty, and ingenuity.
We are the ideal.

If you think you've got it all, here's how you apply:

1. You will submit 3 photos of yourself. You will describe your style, if it cannot be displayed.

2. You will submit at least one article of your work. Regardless of the genre. Poetry, Photography, anything you feel that YOU do better than anyone else. Note: If you are a musician, please either link us to a file showing your talents or send it to one of the moderators via AIM.

3. Finally, you will submit the reasons why YOU feel you're ideal.

4. Use lj-cut, or you'll be banned.

5. If you are not stamped, DO NOT comment. You will be warned, then banned on the second offense.

Strive for perfection. Everything else is ordinary.