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open to interpretation

erm, hello

blackwid0w suggested i come down and it was so random i couldn't help myself.

Category One

i don't currently have any pictures of myself at an age older than three on my computer, and, considering our scanner is down, i don't have any to post. it should be back up soon though, so for now i was thinking i could describe my style and post pictures later.

i don't really have, not how most people would classify anyway. i tend to dress how i feel and my only staples are a nicely worn in pair of jeans and a blue hooded sweater.

however, i'm into the piercing culture and well as tattoos and enjoy doing henna. i have one tattoo, on my ankle, that i got right before graduating high school and i plan on getting more. i have multiple ear piercings and a tongue ring. i plan on going this coming week to get my septum pierced, though i don't plan on wearing it down and in plain view. for me both piercings and tattoos are a very personal and, sometimes, spiritual thing. and i really think that that's the essence of 'my style'. personal. down to earth and, often times, more than a little unique. i can pull things off that most people couldn't, just because of who i am.

Category Two

i'd post some of my photo's here, but again with the scanner. those can come with the next post too i hope.

i do, however, have many a written piece that i could share. i'm not sure what my length limit is there though, so i am going to post this one as a link due to it's length. (unlined is my poetry journal.)

and, for those of you who don't have the time/inclination to read such a long piece, i have this to offer:

my icarus 050803

he has
fragile wings of old lace
and copper pennies
strung together with words
and [pressed] flat
between too much hope.

[they remind me of a
butterflies -
to touch them is to render them

and while he pretends that even the
of winds cannot tear through
the delicate membrane
that holds him aloft,
floating above the ravages of
i know that all it takes
is the smallest gust of
self doubt to plummet the
of a once golden creature.

for those of you more into prose, my prose journal is withbatedbreath and these are the pieces i would most recommend.

i also sing, i just don't have any recordings. ><

Category Three

this is where it gets sticky for me. i. am your typical artist with an insecurity complex. i think that i can create beautiful things, which in turn make me look beautiful, but i am not beautiful on my own. it's what i do, what i can create, that makes me beautiful.

i am unique and growing up i hated it, but now i couldn't be more pleased. i am honest, especially when most people are going to lie to you and everyone knows not to ask my opinion unless you really want the truth.

i love to learn, if i could i'd do nothing but read and write and speak my mind, even when i probably shouldn't. i'm also willing to admit when i am at a loss.

that said, i'm really not sure what things you want to know to pick me, so i've picked the things i like best about myself hoping that those will do.

so er. yes. this seem to be quite the shoddy submission, which i'm sorry for, but i figure i've come this far, i might as well post it.
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